Summer delights

web 1I will admit that when we first moved to our property, I wasn’t all that excited about the pool.  It wasn’t something I was looking for in a new house for many reasons, mostly for safety.  I know people will think I’m crazy, but I just felt ambivalent toward it.  As the winter months dragged on though, seeing the pool all covered up outside made me long for warmer temperatures.  Then the spring came and we were able to enjoy our outdoor space a little more.  Seeing the pool still covered up out back became more intriguing.  And then by the time our pool opening date was scheduled, I was just as excited as everyone else for the unveiling.  We hadn’t actually seen what it looked like because we moved during the winter, so we were all thrilled to finally get a glimpse!

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I’m happy to admit that I was 100 percent wrong about my thoughts on having a pool.  Although it does require maintenance and effort, it has been the place where we’ve spent the majority of the summer.  My children take a dip almost daily, weather-permitting.  Angel, especially, is part mermaid or fish or something.  Swimming never loses it’s delight for her.  She even swims alone when no one wants to go with her.  Lovebug has strengthened his swimming skills, easily diving and staying under for periods of time that make me a little uncomfortable.  Sunshine has almost completely taught herself how to swim, though she still needs to stay close to the sides.  And Dumpling has gone from being terrified like last summer, to putting his whole body under and retrieving dive sticks.  The pool has also proved to be one big science experiment – you just never know what little creature is going to end up in the water, dead or alive.  I could probably pass on that part, but the kids find it intriguing to check out the bloated toads and … eh … other once-living things.

web 8web 9web 10web 11web 12web 13It’s incredibly peaceful out here, completely surrounded by the woods.  Sounds of birds chirping and the breeze blowing in the leaves make it more of a sanctuary to me.  Just sitting out here and soaking in the beauty is especially calming.  Of course, the sounds of laughter and splashing are just plain fun, too.  They are forever creating new games and imaginary worlds.  Today the children wanted to jump off the diving board in the most lively ways they could invent.  I brought out my real camera and took hundreds of pictures, which made them get even more creative.  That meant lots of cannon balls, super heros, juggling, and dancing.  They’re such a fun bunch.  I’m so lucky to do life with them.web 14web 15web 16web 17web 18web 19

  • July 30, 2016 - 7:49 am

    Danielle - Sounds amazing!!ReplyCancel

    • September 3, 2016 - 6:58 am

      Nicole Renée - They’ve had so much fun this summer with the pool! Can’t believe it’s going to be time to close it up soon!ReplyCancel

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