New crawlie friends

We found these two cuties out by the pool this morning.  They were completely gray, giving them the appearance of being dead!  We’ve had toads and other outdoor friends succumb to the saltwater of the pool, so it’s somewhat expected to discover creatures floating in the water.  Turns out, they were actually just resting.  The kids correctly identified them as tree frogs based on their sticky feet and the vibrant yellow legs.  They are Gray Tree Frogs actually, with the super fascinating ability to change colors based on their surroundings.  Today they were gray because they were in an unnatural setting.  We found out that they typically rest on trees during the day, so I’m not sure how they ended up by the pool.  This is the first time we’ve seen any tree frogs out during the day, but they are all over the place in the evening.  We can usually hear them well into the night!  After we played and took pictures with them, the kids put them back into their natural habitat by the woods.

This is such a cool place to raise kids.  We have so many opportunities to learn about the natural world around us!  There are so many science lessons simply waiting to be discovered!  I think Charlotte Mason would have approved.

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