This crazy crew

We’ve grown together a lot over this past year. These precious souls have made up my Bridges Classical Community class, and I have to say, it has been pure joy to tutor them every Monday.  Some days were a little crazier than others, but we laughed a lot and learned even more.  Though I enjoyed introducing memory work, I had the most fun with our music and art curriculums.  I especially loved sharing music with them from the Middle Ages up through the Modern Era.  They openly listened to and discussed each piece – I loved hearing their opinions!  I think they all learned that they really do enjoy some of the past musical eras!

web Bridges

I’m so thankful for the opportunities that leaving Classical Conversations afforded me.  I would never have attempted to tutor a class otherwise, or create and teach a classical music or art curriculum for that matter.  I’ve been stretched immensely over this past year as a homeschooling mama.  And these little people, who are blossoming in magnificent ways, gave me more than I thought possible.  Getting to know all of their personalities, strengths, and preferences has been a super special experience.  Though I don’t truly enjoy the 5am alarm on Mondays, the tiredness always melts away once class begins.  It’s easy to feed off of their energy and selfless love for each other!

Next year will look quite different when we add 11 more students to the group, but I’m confident I’ll love them just as much.  Though I must admit, this first class of students will always be especially imprinted on my heart.

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