On being a mom

My super thoughtful husband and four sweet loves woke me up on Sunday to deliver breakfast in bed (including bacon!), homemade cards, gifts, flowers, I love yous, and more hugs and kisses than anyone could ever ask for. It was perfect Mother’s Day bliss. Through all of the morning pampering, I couldn’t help but reflect on my calling of motherhood. The highest calling of my life thus far.  It is the job that I dreamt of as a young girl, one that is now a reality for me every day. Being a mama is better than anything I could have ever imagined. It is truly a privilege to raise my precious children. Yes, it’s hard. Harder, scarier, more confusing, exhausting, humbling, overwhelming, and stretching than I would have ever imagined. But it is, by far, my most sacred earthly honor.

web roseI get to be the one to guide my children through life and teach them about the One who created them.  To spend time with them and truly know them.  To experience what darn cool people they are.  I get to fight for them through all of the good and bad in the world.  And God willing, I get to walk beside them as they grow into the inspiring people they are meant to be.   To see them fulfill their dreams and hopes.  Oh, they bring me so much joy.  Being their mother is a true privilege, not simply a right.  It’s an honor that has been bestowed only to me by my Heavenly Father.  I get to borrow them here for a little while, try to do my best with them, and then send them out into the world to follow their own journeys.  Motherhood is an intensely large and significant calling, indeed.  This bigger picture is sometimes easy for me to lose sight of, especially while raising them in the midst of the everyday grind.

Although Mother’s Day may be a celebration of mothers, today I celebrate my children and all that they give me.  All of the joy they bring to my life.  The dreams they have helped me fulfill for myself.  I am truly blessed to be their mama.  “Her children rise up and call her blessed.” Psalm 31:28

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