It’s been quiet around here …

… But we definitely haven’t been twiddling our thumbs.  We’ve been in the midst of quite a big transition!  If all goes well, we’ll be moving at the end of the month!  This is a very big change for our family because we’ve lived in this town our whole lives.  Our current address has been home for the last 8 years, and it’s the only place 3 of our children have ever lived with our family.  We prayed about this decision a lot, and God opened one door after another.  So we have been preparing for lots of changes, but we are pretty excited about what’s to come.

Hubby and I have been itching for more outdoor space for years.  We’ve talked about it off and on, but there never seemed to be the right property or time in our lives to make the change.  Our current home has been so very good to us through the years, but we don’t have anyplace for the children to run around and explore here.  We love our wonderful house and the convenience of our current location, but have been wishing to be further out in the country for awhile.

At the end of September, we found (what we think) will be the perfect property for us to call home.  It’s a farmette about 35 minutes north from here with several acres, lots of woods, a stunning creek, and a barn.  We’ll even have a pool, which everyone is pretty excited about.  And I’ll get the big front porch with rocking chairs that I’ve always wanted.  The kids are looking forward to raising chickens, as well as any other animal hubby will agree to.  We’re hoping to slow down more to enjoy life and the beauty that God surrounds us with daily.  I don’t know how others feels, but there is something about being in nature that makes me feel closer to my Heavenly Father.

So if everything goes according to the currently plan, we’ll be all moved in by Christmas.  The blog will probably take a backseat for the next several weeks as we pack up boxes and try to sell our current house.  I am positive all the work will be worth it knowing that this will be my view every day:


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