Twister Memory Work Review Game

As I continue prepping for the new school year, I wanted to have a few new memory review games in my bag of tricks.  I’ll be introducing the new memory work each week during community day, so I’m hoping this Twister review game will be a hit!  I was going for vestibular sensory input with this, as we’ll have a few sensory seekers.  This game will give the children the opportunity to get up and move.

I also like that it’ll work regardless of how many weeks we have under our belts.  We’ll just need to pick a week once the spinner lands (or before even).  We may simply pick one or let a pair of dice decide for us.  To create the game, I used a sharpie to write the review subjects on the spinner board.  I assigned 2 circles to each subject.  Although it looks like any version of Twister will work, I think the Classic Twister would be best to make the spinner board.

There are a variety of ways this could be played as a review game.  But I think we’ll probably have an adult spin and ask a question.  And then whoever gets the answer correct first will get to move on the Twister mat.  And then maybe the game will end with a timer, or when someone falls down.  I’m flexible though, we’ll wait and see what works best.  I’m not really going for winners or losers, I just want the children to review the material while getting some sensory input.  Most importantly, I want them to have fun together!  I’m so excited to give this one a try!

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