We spent Saturday afternoon at the race track so my husband could use the anniversary gift I got for him a little while back.  Eight minutes driving a race car on a nascar race track?  Yes, please.  It was a family affair, and we all watched excitedly as he drove away and lapped around the track.  If you are a nascar fan or simply like cars, this is such a cool experience to have!  They also have a ride along for people who are too chicken … er, I mean too reserved … to drive.  Hubby surprised me by purchasing a ticket for me!  So I got to ride around the track at the end of our visit going 140MPH.  Wow.  So, so fun.

I couldn’t help but remember my Daddy and all of the racing he did as a young adult.  And the Sunday afternoon the races were on TV growing up.  I thought it was annoying then, but I’ve grown to enjoy nascar in my adult years.  I so wish he could have been there this weekend to watch and cheer us on.  I can see the smile on his face right now.  He really would have loved every second of it.  It was a bittersweet day.  But one filled with lots of laughs, cheers, hugs, and high fives.  A beautiful reminder of the man he was, and the way he shaped our lives.

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