Homeschool Library Organization

Over the last several years, our book collection has taken on a life of its own and become more than just a collection.  So before we officially started the new school year, I wanted to organize them in a way that made everything easier to find.  I searched Pinterest and found a great resources that would work perfectly for our needs.  All of our books are now color-coded with spine labels, and I’m just as happy as could be!  I have the books organized in cubbies by subject or interest, which makes it easy to see if a book is misplaced.  I also used blank color-coded labels for a few books subjects that didn’t quite fit with the first set of labels.  I guess every family doesn’t have a collection of adoption or China-themed books!

I have rearranged many of the books onto higher shelves so that little hands (aka Dumpling) can’t pull them out easily.  That hasn’t been an issue for a long time in our house, but he still needs more practice of properly caring for books before he can have free reign like the other children. I do have a cubbie assigned just for board books placed down low for him though, as well as the books on tape that he can listen to with Sunshine’s help.  I also have another cubbie of books that have already been very well-loved, so I’m not as concerned about them staying nice.  Dumpling seems very excited about the cubbies of books just for him!

So far, this system is working out quite well for our family.  I’m able to quickly identify and find which books we have on what subjects, and they stay neat and tidy.  And who doesn’t love an organized book collection?






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