Claritas Cycle 4 Readling List

Claritas Classical Academy Cycle 4Another tiny curve ball got thrown into my homeschool planning – we decided to switch memory work cycles a month and a half before our first day.  Crazy I know, but it made the most sense for the group.  Fortunately I hadn’t gotten very far into planning Cycle 1, but that did mean I needed to put together a new reading list to go with Cycle 4.  This history sentences coordinate with Story of the World Vol. 4, so we’ll be listening to the audiobook in the car.  The reading lists below will be used to expand on the topics.  Some of the weeks have more book options than any family could possibly read, other weeks are more sparse based on what I could find.  A few of the topics aren’t written about prolifically for children.  My hope is that the readings will all balance out over the school year as we choose titles.  In some cases, I added books to the list that didn’t necessarily coordinate, but I thought they’d be nice additions to our readings.  I know we won’t get to all of the titles below, but I like to have a generous list to pick from.  I am still planning to read aloud Carry on Mr. Bowditch and My Side of the Mountain.  Also, Archimedes and the Door of Science fits in perfectly with Week 14.  I’ll save all of the ancient literature choices for next year when we use Cycle 1.

For a downloadable list, click HERE.

All Weeks
Story of the World Vol. 4 (audio)
AIG’s Big Books of History
God’s Design for Science
Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method: More Than 100 Hands-On Science Experiments for Children
Nature in a Nutshell for Kids: Over 100 Activities You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less
Nature Anatomy
Maps & Globes
Geography From A to Z
Barefoot Books World Atlas
Usborne Animal Picture Atlas
Carry On Mr. Bowditch (or the audio version)
My Side of the Mountain

Week 1
Who Was Queen Victoria?

Week 2
The Charge of the Light Brigade
DK Eyewitness: Russia
Johannes Kepler: The Laws of Planetary Motion
Kepler and Galileo (from Jim Weiss’ Galileo and the Stargazers)

Week 3
DKEyewitness Civil War
Who Was Ulysses S. Grant?
Who Was Robert E. Lee?
Civil War Battleship The Monitor
Billy and the Rebel
From Slave to Soldier
What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?
Civil War Sub The Mystery of the Hunley
Issac Newton (from Jim Weiss’ Galileo and the Stargazers)

Week 4
National Geographic Kids Abraham Lincoln
Who Was Abraham Lincoln?
Abraham Lincoln’s World
Just A Few Words, Mr. Lincoln
The Gettysburg Address in Translation
Isaac Newton And The Laws Of Motion

Week 5
The Transcontinental Railroad
Ten Mile Day: And The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad
Isaac Newton And The Laws Of Motion

Week 6
Under the Hawthorne Tree
The Irish Dresser
Jamie O’Rourk and the Big Potato
Irish Folk Tales for Children Audio CD
Isaac Newton And The Laws Of Motion

Week 7
Time for Kids: Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President
Bully to You, Teddy Roosevelt!
Force Makes Things Happen

Week 8
Custer’s Last Battle: Red Hawk’s Account of the Battle of Little Bighorn
Crazy Horse: Young War Chief
North American Indians
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
If You Lived With the Cherokees
The Very First Americans
They Dance in the Sky
Gravity is a Mystery

Week 9
Confucius: The Golden Rule
The Legend of Lao Tzu
Ancient China (DK Eyewitness)
Chinese Myths and Fantasies

Week 10
Famous Inventors and Inventions
An Illustrated Timeline of Inventions and Inventors
The Picture History of Great Inventors
The Wright Brothers
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
Energy Makes Things Happen

Week 11
Where Poppies Grow 
Hero Over Here
War Horse
DK Eyewitness Books: World War I
War Game: Village Green To No-Man’s Land
In Flanders Field: The Story Of The Poem By John McCrae
Energy Makes Things Happen

Week 12
Simple History: The Russian Revolution
Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia
DK Eyewitness: Russia
Russian Fairy Tales

Week 13
World History Biographies: Gandhi
Gandhi: A March to the Sea
How Do You Lift a Lion?

Week 14
The Treaty of Versailles, 1919
Archimedes and the Door of Science

Week 15
Breaking Stalin’s Nose
Magnets: Pulling Together, Pushing Apart

Week 16
The Great Depression: A History Just for Kids
Potato: A Tale From the Great Depression
Children of the Great Depression
Rose’s Journal: A Story of a Girl in the Great Depression
Children of the Dust Bowl
Charged Up! The Story Of Electricity

Week 17
America in World War II: A History Just for Kids
Pearl Harbor: Ready to Read Level 3
I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941
What Was Pearl Harbor?

Week 18
Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust
Surviving Hitler
I Survived #9: I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944
The Upstairs Room
Number the Stars
Who Was Anne Frank?
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (DVD) – maybe for older kids

Week 19
D-Day Landings: The Story of the Allied Invasion
The Atomic Bomb: A History Just for Kids
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Hiroshima: A Novel

Week 20
Malala: A Hero For All
Indian Tales
If You Were Me and Lived in India
Welcome to Israel!

The Kids Book of World Religions

Week 21
Border Breakdown: The Fall of The Berlin Wall
The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain
Ronald Reagan: Young Leader

Week 22
The Cuban Missile Crisis: A History Just for Kids
My Havana: Memories of a Cuban Boyhood
20th Century: Race to the Moon
Michael Faraday: the Discovery of Electromagnetism

Week 23
My First Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream Speech in Translation
A Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall
Linda Brown, You Are Not Alone
Disney’s Ruby Bridges DVD
Who Was Rosa Parks?
Goin’ Someplace Special
Freedom on the Menu
The Other Side
Freedom Summer

Week 24
Time for Kids: John F. Kennedy
Who Was John F. Kennedy?

Week 25
Vietnam War: A History Just for Kids
The Wall
DK Eyewitness: Vietnam War
The Magic School Bus Makes A Rainbow

Week 26
Forty Fortunes
The Enchanted Storks: A Tale of Baghdad
The Secret Message
The Wise Fool
Light: Shadows, Mirrors, And Rainbows

Week 27
Sebgugugu the Glutton: A Bantu Tale from Rwanda
National Geographic Readers: Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
I Was a Kid in District 6: Autobiography
African Tales

Week 28
I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001
America Is Under Attack: September 11, 2001
Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John T. Harvey
Who Was Albert Einstein?

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