A precious reunion

We had an impromptu visit with some dear friends this past week.  It took a little awhile for the boys to feel comfortable, but it became pretty clear that they remembered each other.  The last time they saw each other was at Dumpling’s homecoming, but they spent three years together in the orphanage.  Sweet M. was there the whole time Dumpling was.  I’m glad they remember each other and hope that they will be a source of friendship and strength for each other in the future.  They share a special bond and I’m grateful we are within driving distance of each other.  We had a awesome afternoon together.  M.’s mama was a huge encouragement for me while waiting to bring Dumpling home, and has continued to give me fortitude since bringing him home.  We share a unique understanding with our boys coming home from the same orphanage.  It’s a blessing to have a friendship with her and super cool that she’s also a homeschool mom!  She and her other children even participated in a Classical Conversations community for years!  The Father sure has a funny way of bringing people together.

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