We had nothing planned for today, so we tried to do a few things to fill up the day.  One of those things was a visit to the playground in the hotel.  I was told that Dumpling’s favorite toy was the slide – an indoor slide in the orphanage playroom.  They certainly knew him well!  His eyes lit up with joy every time he slid down!  We also taught him how to blow bubbles, so fun!

The rest of the day was nice, although we are learning that Dumpling really doesn’t like to be out of the hotel apartment for long periods.  He clearly feels safe in the apartment and knows what to expect.  I’m guessing going out is just too overwhelming and new right now.  I totally get it!  So we’re trying our best to make his world small and limit how much we do – that’s a bit interesting when you also have three other children who want to get out!  We are planning on going shopping with the Lifeline group tomorrow, but are going to skip out on the museum that they are visiting afterward.

Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support and prayers for our journey!  Prayers are most certainly being answered and we are so thankful to our great, amazing Heavenly Father for all of His abundant goodness!

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