Together we are Called

You may remember me writing about attending Together Called, a faith-based marriage retreat, the last two Februarys.  The year has flown by so fast, but registration opens for the 2015 retreat TOMORROW!  The venue has changed, but the life-giving weekend is the same.  It’s a break in the chaos of life.  It’s a weekend of connection, togetherness, inspiration, restoration, learning, relaxation, fellowship, and just plain awesomeness.  I can’t encourage you and your spouse enough to attend this retreat.  I promise it will bless your socks off!  If you can work it into your schedule, you will not regret it!  The Sparrow Fund really does a top-notch job of pampering the adoptive couples who attend!

Last year, Together Called filled in under 5 minutes with couples from 14 different states.  So, crack your knuckles, and warm up those typing fingers.  Registration opens Sunday, September 14th at 9pm EST.  That’s tomorrow night!


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