Our China Team

We took this group shot on the last day at the orphanage, blue shoe coverings and all.  They were hilarious to put on every time we entered.  Todd’s shoes were too big and kept ripping the coverings, so he went without shoes most days, you can even see it in the picture.  We had a good laugh every time about that one.

The last day was so emotional for all of us.  I think every one of us cried.  Being a part of His work there is still so indescribable.  And despite knowing that those sweet babies were being cared for in the best way the nannies could, it was terribly difficult to leave.  We had all fallen in love with the kids and were yearning for a few days extra.  But knowing that all of the orphanage staff truly loved the children gave us all such great comfort!  In fact, the Chinese sign behind us read something to the effect of, “Even though they are not our own, we treat them as our own.”  The founder of the orphanage was an orphan himself, and is very emotionally connected to the staff and children.  What an amazing thing to witness the Father using this sweet man and his love for others!  We just saw Him show up over and over again all throughout our trip.  So many miracles witnessed!

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PS – The blog facelift is more or less complete!  Woohoo!  Unfortunately the switch to WordPress has not updated on blog readers though.  The web address is the same, but I think you’ll need to just update your reader with the same website – http://LivingOutHisLove.com.  I think most of the pins and links to my blog should be working correctly now.  Thanks for sticking with me through the upgrade!

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