Classification of Living Things {CC Week 1 Science}

Our science curriculum this year isn’t so much an actual curriculum, as it is more of a hodge-podge based on our memory work at Classical Conversations.  Week 1, Cycle 1 Science is the Classification of Living Things.  Based on the kids’ ages, I wanted them to understand WHY we classify living things and not so much what all of the classifications actually mean.  So we memorized the different classifications using my lego towers (thank you CC Connected for the idea!) and then put them in order also.  Both Angel and Lovebug rocked this little exercise out and Angel totally has the classifications put to memory based on our little pneumonic “Kings Play Cards On Fat Green Stools,”  hehe.

We also did a little classification exercise with shoes to really drive home the WHY of classification (thanks to another CC mama for this idea!).  The kids collected all of the shoes in the house and then we classified them until most categories only had one set of shoes.  Lovebug and Sunshine lost interest, but Angel was definitely interested in classifying *everything*!

This was a great way for them to understand why taxonomists classify living things while still having fun with it!  Oh and I got to vacuum out the pantry area where all of the shoes are stored, bonus!

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