Sensory Bin #4

SNOW!  Ok not real snow, but the kind that you buy in powder form and then “grow” with water.  What an interesting consistency this was!  The older kids loved it … Sunshine, not so much.  She didn’t mind playing with it as long as she wasn’t actually touching it.  She was definitely intrigued but she didn’t love it.  I really liked this one, I just wish the “snow” was actually cold with as hot as it has been outside.  THAT would have been cool.

The “snow” lasts for days or weeks depending on how you store it – and if it deflates a little, you can bring it back to life with a little spritz of water.  This is pretty messy though, definitely an outdoor sensory bin or one with a big mat underneath it.  Because of the consistency, it gets everywhere.  But it’s uber-fun!

Here’s a quick video I took while making the snow so you can see how quickly it grows (sorry, I am SO not a video person).  It’s pretty cool and was a fun little science experiment for the kiddos.  Don’t mind Lovebug showing his disdain for sitting in the grass 🙂

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