Sensory Bin #3

I cooked up Sensory Bin #3 today – Dyed Spaghetti!  Lovebug picked the color.  Although it was supposed to be blue, it turned out more greenish-blue.  Guess I needed more dye?  I also could have used more spaghetti!  I could have easily cooked the entire 48 oz box of pasta for my 18-qt bin.  I used a Wilton Gel Food Color and only needed the itty bittiest amount – it well worth the investment in those dyes!  It was a gorgeous day today, so we headed out front on the shady side of the house.  Grass and cooked spaghetti = double sensory experience!

This one was not Sunshine’s favorite at all.  I did coat the spaghetti in olive oil so it didn’t stick together and she just didn’t like having her hands messy.  I was eventually able to coax her into playing with it and she even picked it up, but she still was never as into it as Sensory Bin #2.  This is good though, it give me a point of reference and I’m slowly figuring out what sensations are bothersome to her.  And she still did have some fun with the spaghetti, albeit brief … and that’s also good because it shows me she’s getting more and more comfortable with sensations that she doesn’t like!

UPDATE – I pulled this bin out again after nap when Angel was home from school.  Angel was super-interested and couldn’t wait to play so of course, Sunshine had to get in on the action too.  She sat for a long time at her high chair and played with the spaghetti this time.  Don’t know if it’s because it was the second introduction or we were inside and there weren’t distractions?

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  • April 25, 2012 - 7:25 pm

    Jerusha - never, ever would have thought of that! we had angel hair pasta for dinner last night (i was so sick of penne or rotini, but the angel hair was a MESS for the kids), and shu didn’t seem to mind eating it with his hands. if you find time, i would really love to hear about B’s particular sensory issues, since we have a bunch of our own here. i’m sorting through what is on-going vs. what is just temporary fear of something new. can’t always tell.ReplyCancel

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