In our current homeschool studies of Ancient Egypt, we’ve been talking about how historians are able to know so much about the people and customs of that time.  We’ve discussed how the translations of hieroglyphs and the discoveries of buried artifacts have allowed them to put a picture together of what life was like.  It’s been fascinating to study the Ancient Egyptian lifestyle because it was just so different from what we know now.  It’s also been pretty amazing to see pictures of real mummies and all of the things that Egyptians thought were important to bury with them thousands of years ago.  So, so interesting!

These history studies got me thinking about blogging.  My writing has morphed a lot over the years, but I still have the same underlying goal as when I started a blog back in 2009.  To tell the story of my children and our family life together.  Storykeeping.  My memory just isn’t the best at recalling all of the mundane details of our daily life.  Sure, I remember the bigger I-want-to-burn-this-memory-in-my-brain-for-all-time moments, but I know there’s so much I forget.  And it’s in those everyday moments that most of our memories are made.  Thankfully, I am able to look back through my blog books now and relive the little, daily life moments over again too.

That’s why I snapped a quick picture of these beautiful yellow wildflowers that Angel and Lovebug picked for me last week.  They were so pretty sitting on my kitchen window sill in a simple glass jar.  I wanted to remember it forever.  This season of life is so incredibly busy and these fleeting moments are simply too easy to let slip by.  But this sweet offering from my children reminded me to slow down and enjoy the little moments.  I want this one to be burned into my memory forever too!


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I recently received my beautiful Creative Conversations with the Creator package from Kelly.  It’s a guided prayer kit designed to bring you deeper into conversation with the Lord for the fatherless.  All of the pieces in the kit are just gorgeous, and it’s been fun to work through it.  The activities forced me out of my normal comfort zone, but it was interesting and thought-provoking to work through them.  And during these days of homeschool busyness where every minute is often accounted for, the activities were a welcomed creative break.  I love the unique way that prayer was guided in this kit, and it fits perfectly with Edith Schaeffer’s thoughts about creative art in her book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, which I just started reading.  I also love that there is an opportunity to return one of the art pieces to be given as a gift to a child in China who still waits for a family.

If you are looking for an excuse to slow down and enjoy creative prayer time with our Heavenly Father, there’s still time to get the kit so that you can return an art piece.  Head on over to Kelly’s blog post to read all the details.



Afternoons are for … running away to the backyard with your siblings to go on an adventure.

I was inside yesterday preparing to host our Friday night Bible study (and nursing a developing cold) when I realized I hadn’t heard from the children in awhile.  They’re always only a walkie talkie call away, but I peeked out the kitchen window to see if I could find them first.

When I saw this, my heart melted.  There they were.  Past the fence, playing at the edge of the woods.  Together.  It’s rare that all four of them play together for a long period.  But yesterday, they stayed out there for hours until I had to call them in before dark.

I still don’t know where their imaginations led them.  But they took me back to my childhood memories of running away to the backyard at my friend, Amy’s, house.  I’ve told the children about those memories countless times because they’ve always been so special to me.  Seeing the children do the same thing is just another reminder of why we moved out to the country.  And another reminder of why we made the choice to homeschool.  Giving them the freedom to slow down, explore, and create their own outdoor world has been a dream for both me and hubby.  And I think Charlotte Mason would be pretty thrilled too.


We had a super spectacular first day back at Bridges Classical Community today!  This officially marks our first day back to school, and all of my kiddos beamed with smiles.  They told me what an awesome time they had!  Score!  We are so happy at our co-op and have such a wonderful community.

I’m tutoring 17 students this year from K-6th grade.  It felt a little overwhelming at first, but it worked perfectly the way we organized everything.  The effort and prep time is so, so worth it.  My students really energize me while I’m there, and I laugh with them all day.  But wow I collapse when I get home!  I have no idea how teachers do this 5 days a week!

I are excited to be back to school and get into a more structured routine.  Love, love the freedoms of summer, but the structure of the school year is always looked forward to.

Here’s to a fantastic school year filled with lots of learning and growing!